Alexander Laroussi

Alexander Laroussi is a Licensed Resident in Counseling at Fountain of Hope Counseling Center. Alexander’s unique approach to counseling is deeply influenced by his background in history and mental health, creating a holistic method that integrates understanding of cultural and societal dynamics.

After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in History from James Madison University, Alexander gained a deep appreciation for the diverse narratives and complexities of human society. This understanding has become the foundation of his career in counseling, enabling him to offer empathy, insight, and a profound respect for the varied journeys that individuals navigate.

Building upon this historical perspective, Alexander pursued further education at Old Dominion University, earning a Master’s Degree in Mental Health and School Counseling. Here, he delved into the intricate workings of the human mind, mastering techniques to support individuals facing various challenges on their life journeys.

Alexander’s professional journey began in the role of a school counselor, where he found his calling in supporting students through their academic, personal, and emotional growth. His empathetic approach, coupled with a deep understanding of human behavior, fostered trusting relationships with students, empowering them to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential. Driven by a desire to make a broader impact, Alexander later assumed the role of counseling director, where he led initiatives to enhance counseling services, implement evidence-based practices, and promote mental health awareness within the community.

Today, Alexander continues to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others in private practice, drawing from his rich tapestry of experiences and academic expertise to empower individuals to navigate life’s challenges with resilience, courage, and a sense of purpose. With a firm belief in the transformative power of empathy and understanding, he remains committed to helping others rewrite their stories and embrace brighter futures.

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you.” — Walt Whitman


Coronavirus Notice

We at Fountain of Hope Counseling Center are working to keep our office open and accessible while continuing to provide excellent care. We take our responsibility to you, our clients, as well as our employees very seriously.

We are following and have implemented recommendations from the CDC/MDH including increasing the frequency of disinfecting public areas and offices. We are encouraging our employees to stay home if they are not feeling well. Similarly, if you or a loved one have been affected by COVID-19, in that you are experiencing signs or symptoms like a fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or have been in contact with someone experiencing these symptoms or have traveled internationally in the last 14 days we would ask you to please stay home and change your appointment to a video telehealth session, which can take place from the comfort of your home.

Video sessions, or telehealth, are covered by your insurance in the same way it would cover a face-to-face session and are HIPPA secure. NO downloads are required and it’s easy to access by computer or smart phone with just a few clicks. Our staff will gladly walk you through connecting to the video platform should you have any questions.

If you are ill and want to change your appointment to a video session or need to cancel your appointment, give us a 24 hour notice for any changes.

We will inform you of any changes to our business practices as updates occur from CDC/MDH.

We know that the media’s current focus on COVID-19 and the risks and potential impact can exacerbate fear, anxiety and depression for many. We are committed to continuing to provide excellent care while partnering with you in your therapeutic journey toward hope and healing.